THREE. Three Seattle-based writers from StreetWrites: Anitra Freeman, Catherine Gainey, Dr. Wes Browning. These writers form three poetic moments with an interesting minimalist approach.

Anitra L. Freeman is a poet and a programmer; both involve collected varied pieces and making a pattern of them. Among the pieces of life she has collected are a childhood with a manic-depressive mother, an adulthood disrupted by her own manic-depression, and involvement with homeless artists and writers, many of whom have depressive disorders. As a poet, public speaker, and activist in Seattle, Washington, she is trying to build something from all this: it has no definite form as yet, but it is colorful, non-traditional, and very dynamic.

Catherine Gainey is a journalism student at the University of Washington who has decided to take a year off from academic studies to confront life and some personal issues.

Dr. Wes Browning is a former professor of mathematics, formerly homeless artist, currently President of the StreetLife Gallery, and editor, columnist, and board member of the Real Change (Seattle’s newspaper by and for the homeless) and servant of the muse Cindy Holly (whom the ignorant consider his imaginary girlfriend).


Written by . . . . . . . Anitra L. Freeman, Catherine Gainey, Dr. Wes Browning
HTML/CSS Programming by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite