This collection goes down home—with a little detour with Mike Bloomfield to pay the bills. This is how it go:

We start with a young John Lee Hooker in The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966, Vol. 1 (Hip-O Records). He comes right out of his face and looks right at you when does a tune called “Hobo Blues.” When you can feel that humanity, then there is a chance you will like what’s next.

Mance Lipscomb masters slide guitar with a pocket knife in “Jack of Spades”—certainly they are selling these knives for $499.00 at Guitar Center right now. But, before you pick yours up, watch Mr. Lipscomb carefully… Learn more about Mance Lipscomb in “Mance Lipscomb” and “Gwyn Henry: Being with Mance Lipscomb in Norman, Oklahoma” here in the kinté space.

Keb’ Mo’ follows with his rich, strong inheritance of the Blues. This video shows him playing “Henry,” deservedly basking in the comfort of the Piazza Blues Festival.

But not every real Blues man looks so happy. We got Alvin Youngblood Hart raising sand at the New York Guitar Festival with quick jab at Martin Scorsese, what with his series Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues—A Musical Journey.

And since so many sweet people wonder condescendingly about the bitter ones this documentary clip at the Newport Folk Festival of Mike Bloomfield talking about Son House is why certain people should not attempt to talk about great Blues men. My reaction to Mike Bloomfield’s comments about Son House is in “Ever more links…” here in the kinté space.

Some guy on, messabout1, does an excellent job of presenting Son House as a thinker and a speaker—a preacher in “Preachin’ the Blues.” Now compare what Son House says probably before Mike Bloomfield could walk around without diapers to the Bloomfield interpretation of Son House—you do the math…


John Lee Hooker appears via 000neutron000 from Hip-O Records

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Keb’ Mo’ appears via chugbug01 from the 2001 Piazza Blues Festival (Associazione Piazza Blues)

Alvin Youngblood Hart appears via guitarfestival from the New York Guitar Festival

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Son House appears via messabout1 from The Lord of Hosts

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