THE BLUES is the substance between man and woman in Love. I have already respectfully celebrated Son House and his masculine form of The Blues. But what do the women do? I am unable to answer the question. Writers like Timeka Drew provide a response.

In a world saturated with reality ruled by corporate entertainment, the loyal subjects of the one real world would definitely call Timeka Drew’s voice “dark” and “angry”—those born again and sitting in pews might add “pornographic.” I’m calling her work hard blues. She reflects on her man with harsh words—words that cut deeply. Her man comes from a violent sex world where he counts the encounters by the number of his climaxes and not hers. Only devotees of slavery believe that you can get something for nothing… Timeka Drew sues for freedom and forces her man to file for bankruptcy. More of this non-pleasant non-entertainment comes from her Blog.


Written by . . . . . . . Timeka Drew
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