I DEFINITELY KNOW TOWNEE is a poet. I prefer to place these humans and their English-language words in some sort of context. I am aware that some artists do not like this “contexualization” because it can often be “wrong” (or at least something they don’t like). In certain feminist situations it can be outright offensive since my masculine projections into the lives of others are bound to be lumbering, inaccurate and crude.

When I asked townee for a bio’, this is the reply I got: “my bio is available. however, it is a bit strange. made up of a bunch of anagrams of my real name[…] sorta tells an epic soap story. […]if you’re interested in that kind of thang, let me know.” I am not interested in epic soap stories but I am definitely into the words being written by this person. I am sure you will be too.


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