I HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY FORTUNATE to associate with many photographers here in the Los Angeles area. I seem to find and work with these artists more than the local poets! It should follow that I should be honored to showcase the work of these excellent visual artists. Lisa Diane Wedgeworth has granted me this honor. Well, enough about me; these are Lisa’s words:

“The goddess series grew out of personal photographs I had taken for my female friends. I had posed nude for an artist friend and having told them (my female friends) about the humbling experience, they too wanted the same experience.”

“Without regard to a specific goddess or spirit, I photographed friends and family either nude or seminude in natural environments, such as the ocean, a national park, or my backyard.”

“My intent was to create photographic images that expressed a reverence for Nature and Her laws. My understanding was that once these images were printed, it would be obvious for whom these images were for—goddess, spirit, or element.”


Photography and words by . . . . . . . Lisa Diane Wedgeworth
Interface Design and Programming by . . . . . . . Bryan Wilhite