Today’s Food: 2011–2014

This is a mid-century rollup of all of my ‘Today’s Food’ articles on the Blog. This is the second collection after the one from 2009.

2011/1/28: “Today’s Food: Freedom from Gluten will make the Girls Swoon product

“When I first appeared on Facebook, my ex-Facebook friend Bahni Turpin indignantly announced (on a thread watched by dozens of my Facebook friends) that the real reason why she refused to speak to me—about anything—was because of my intense breath experience.”

2012/6/5: “Today’s Food: Iron, Copper and Sulfur product

“My diet for over decade does not include eggs. There is a taste/odor from eggs that I ‘missed’ from my childhood—and it turns out that what I was missing was sulfur. The sulfur smell in eggs is not just there when eggs are rotten—I can smell the subtle version of it when some black pepper is bringing it out, sprinkled over fresh egg whites. When I first opened a container of kala namak, I immediately knew what was missing from my vegan diet.”

2012/12/1 “Today’s Food: My Gluten-Free Burrito wrapped in Brazil and Ethiopia!

“My disappointment is overcome by the main ingredient, teff (native to Ethiopia). La Tortilla Factory also uses millet—yet another African staple. I am curious as to how this product was developed! It’s like it was made just for me—a tasty mixture of the old world and the new world!”

2014/1/6: “Today’s Food: My imaginary ex-girlfriend fictionally conspires to get me fat and insulin-sticky with gluten-free carbs!

“I cannot overstate how difficult it is to make gluten-free, vegan versions of cookies taste better than super-sweetened, high-glycemic sand—and Michelle comes out on top by evoking primal, taste-bud memories of my non-health-food childhood. Apart from the challenges all gluten-free food makers have with glycemic index, my only complaint for Michelle’s Naturally is that their cookies are packaged such that they stick together in the bag—and I can’t eat them easily while driving!”

2014/10/29: “Today’s Food: Azzizah’s Herbal Green Popcorn

“My daughter was the first one who let me know about Azzizah’s Herbal Green Popcorn—because my daughter wanted to eat some! We wiped out our first bags at our community icon, Simply Wholesome. I know how my body reacts whenever it consumes something powerful and healthy for the first time (later it acclimates and the drama lessens)—with Azzizah’s Herbal Green Popcorn it was Black Love at first bite!”