Two Stills from KRST Unity

This is an image of a place used to show respect for ancestors:


I respect what was built here but I do not participate in any ceremonies involving the objects shown in this image. My very, very Christian father would know why I am drawn so near to such a place—but would not think of Solomon the son of David (where he plays the role of David and I get the part of Solomon that finds vanity and vexation of spirit with strange women of my love taxing the people with their altars and shit). There is no debate with my father about this issue. I respect that because, as his son, I am sure I pissed on him at least once and it is hard to listen to a guy that used to piss on you (my children introduced me to such a possibility).

This is a modern vision of the ancient writer:


There is far more here than a figure with a stylus in hand. But we must keep the mysteries for old children. So when my father suckles on a cigarette, it is not my place as his child to see another child taking comfort with addiction—right? Righteous? —And honoring our parents may mean that we must keep their secrets so that we all can be ignorant—or honoring our parents means that we must study their history as well as listening to their theory. Are your parents actually living what they preach? No? Then how long will you inherit from their misrepresentation? What non-destructive action will you take to unlearn what is untrue? Step one: smoking cigarettes is “bullshit” (the quotes are for my father’s word used against me—we shall see how this curse works—as his hand is outstretched against me and his anger is kindled against me). …And, oh, I think I just ‘destroyed’ my relationship with Philip Morris, their customers and all of their shareholders—that’s quite a kick to the curb. None of you loyal readers are my teachers, teaching me the lesson of what it means to be an insignificant person. I got a B+ in that class—even after showing up late.

So, anyway, here in are my baby steps: listen to “Divine Conversations” featuring the grandmother of my first daughter, Queen Mother N’Ast of of the Shiji Uat Study Group meeting Sundays at KRST Unity Center of African Spirituality, 7825 South Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90047-2728. “Divine Conversations” is a free, Flash MX streaming audio presentation presented on the Web here at