Ice Cream Woes

©2003 Andria Albert
So really I was kidding myself thinking this guy
Was going to be different.
Or even like Cherry Vanilla.
They just act that way to get
Into your panties…then they start pushing.
But not this time, I pushed back, before
It got too deep.
Maybe I was being paranoid…
Better paranoid than pregnant.
I guess I was looking for something
That wasn’t there.
I’ll probably cut him off real fast.
Should the search continue?
Or should I be content with who’ve I’ve got
In Chocolate Chip?
Truthfully….I’m going to pursue
Mint Chocolate Chip now.
Of course Rocky Road is always a
Possibility…..he’s cool….never know.
Maybe I’ll just chill out for awhile and
Try to get back in touch with Chocolate Chip.
Only God Knows My Ice Cream Woes!!!

Emotional Affair

©2003 Andria Albert
When she cries
He worries
When she’s quiet
He wonders about her thoughts
When she laughs
He is the comedian
When she says goodnight
He is the last one to heat it
When she’s alone
He yearns to be with her
When she needs a hug
He is her teddy bear
When she vents
He listens intensely
When she smiles
He sees the twinkle in her eyes
When she is on top of the world
He is right by her side
When he thinks about love
She thinks of him
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