SO DIG, the traditional scholars who write in English as their first language, would have no problem indulging in the possibility that it was the Greeks who “created” the concept of the individual. Evidently, all the rest of us on Earth descend from collectives of tribes so primitive that anti-depressants and psychotherapy would be lost on us. But don’t worry Eli Lilly, we’re “evolving.”

Hell or Hellas the bottom line here is that the Greeks can be credited with venerating the concept of the alienated individual as a cultural form—not just an accident of one or two bushmen that looked like chocolate-colored Woody Allens. Eli Jones writes one poem here that is a perfect specimen of this form of alienation. Eli Jones does not have to be the voice of the poem. All that matters here is that he has captured a voice, the voice of the disconnected individual—many of us unfortunate Occidentals would call “normal.”

Eli Jones: “On a more personal note I am 28 and living in Tasmania after years of wandering here, there and everywhere. Nevertheless, I understand not why information pertaining to who I am should be of any concern.”


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