1949 AND LA HABANA CUBA saw the birth of a creative force: Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez. She is a mother and writer. She is a lover and a fighter. She has no problem with Woman and Her voice. You may not want to be aware (or you are waaaay too aware) that there is this patriarchy thang going on. It sucks. It brings very little equality between the sexes. It is an indicator that the world totally sucks most of the time. Since “totally sucks” is a weak-ass, mall-loving, American suburban kid’s description of this situation, I am pleased to have a poetic form of humanity here to take over.

Silvia found some time apart from practicing law, mothering four sons and a daughter, dancing tango, teaching meditation, publishing on paper and inventing strange vegetarian dishes to leave us some choice words. Fine cuts of texturized verse. Partake but don’t eat the words. They should melt in your mind and not in a gland.


Written by . . . . . . . Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez
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