Today’s Food: 2009

I started blogging effectively about food in 2009. This collection compiles 11 articles over the year, recording my quest for health, micro-activism and miniature protests against the evil effects of American agribusiness.

So I have mentioned food on my Blog well before 2009—but a 2007 article like “The Odwalla Shake Luxury” is just plain wrong. My intention here is to save what I consider ‘healthy’ writing about food instead of historical moments featuring foods that are not healthy over the long term.

2009/04/13: “Steady Hempin’ and Hawing: Dropping Soy Milk

Buy this Book at! “Keep in mind that these subtle effects took years to reach levels that provoked me to change. Here’s a terrifying sentence in the Mary Vance Terrain article: ‘In men, soy has been shown to lower testosterone levels and sex drive, according to [clinical nutritionist Kaayla Daniel].’ You know… I was eating crazy amounts of soy when I was shackin’ up with the mother of my third child years ago… hmm… this explains a lot…”

“Now for those of you who are deep, deep into soy like I was—consider my first suspect, soy milk. Get rid of this entirely. Mary Vance Terrain warns us that, ‘Soy milk is second or third level in terms of processing…’—so we might agree that soy beans are not evil. We need to be wary, however, of processed soy.”

2009/08/07: “Today’s Food: Kombucha and Rice Burgers

“Here in the rasx() context, kombucha is related to probiotic nutrition. It is said that drinks like kombucha improve immune function and prevent infections. Of course probiotics are in opposition to antibiotics—and most of us Americans should know how much we love their overuse… My mother is suffering today in part from her decades-long relationship with antibiotics.”

“What may still be strange to my mother (and likely yours) is that bacteria can be useful—what is off the charts of bizarre for my mom is that human beings are deeply related to bacteria—and we should consider some of them our cellular ancestors. Instead of declaring yet another war on bacteria—holding a stance of complete opposition with a false sense of purity—we need to compose bacteria instead of oppose bacteria.”

2009/08/20: “Flippant Remarks about Dr. Sebi Buy this product at! “Too many popular fruits and vegetables contribute to bloodstream acidity. Too many of these low-pH vegetables (like non-wild rice, beans, wheat and even carrots) are man-made hybrids—the products celebrated by monastic gene splicers like Gregor Mendel. It is easy to see without going any further into the personality and the message of Dr. Sebi that attacks on plant hybridization can be deeply offensive to properly assimilated people of any carbon-based skin color. This is because these ‘proper’ people know that plant hybridization can be credited with supporting the planet’s current, big-ass population and can be regarded as the ‘savior’ from famines far worse than ‘we’ can imagine.”
2009/08/24: “Sketching out Solutions to a Few Dr. Sebi Problems “I have no emotional need for a dramatic ‘crash diet.’ I prefer to ‘sneak up’ on myself with gradual modifications instead of hoping for a religious experience. So I suggest to myself—before I get too hungry to think clearly…”
2009/08/26: “Today’s Food: Cashew Nut Cream Cheese and Freedom Butter Cashew Nut Cream Cheese: Is white, creamy and rich in iron, semi-sweet, Low in fat, sodium, calories, zero cholesterol, good source of vegetable protein. Made with absolutely no preservatives, stabilizers, artificial ingredients or additives of any kind. 100% dairy free, no gluten, no casein, no soy and lactose free, 100% organic and vegan! Very fresh, very simple with a creamy texture. Traditional cheese maker style . Serve like cream cheese or sour cream. Try spooning it over freshly cut celery or cucumber. Smeared on sprouted bread or over crackers. This is our Williamsburg cheese—Creamy Philadelphia style. Ingredients: Cashew nuts, acidophilus & Himalayan pink salt…”
2009/09/10: “Regarding Fructose as Poison “It will be an advance in American culture to regard fructose (and sucrose—and any other –ose) as poor-man’s sugar. It should be regarded as what the dirt poor eat—a kind of new-age government cheese. This should immediately shame millions of bling-blingers away from it.”
2009/09/15: “Today’s Food with Poison and Acid “Here in the rasx() context, the poison part of eating is the simple stuff. For me, reacting to acid in the blood from eating is still a sketch work in progress. For me, the acidifying of the blood is a very subtle, refined, cultured phenomenon to recognize. But, again, let’s start simple. Let’s answer the smart-ass question, ‘Why should I care about acid blood?’”
2009/09/25: “Today’s Food: Hemp Protein and the Employer Drug Test Buy this product at! “This is the kind of ‘health food nut’ subject that devoted followers of American poison-eating seize upon: it is just possible (just possible) that eating hemp protein could make you fail a drug test. This should make people who are already killing themselves slowly with junk food (thereby investing in a family plan to be burden to any children they might have) find yet another reason to continue to defile and insult themselves.”
2009/09/30: “Thank God for chicken… didn’t have to do it but he did… LaVan Davis “Chicken is supposed to be a Black staple that goes all the way back to Africa. But there are a few problems with our chicken prayers (and having meat as a staple). Chickens or fowl do not come from nature—they come from the man-made manipulation of nature—so we cannot thank ‘God’ for chicken. So, to whom are ‘we’ giving thanks? According to, we are going to have to thank the children of Babylon—because Chicken is an ancient Egyptian, imperial 18th-‘dynasty’ import from Asia Minor, which in turn, inherited it from the Far East.”
2009/10/05: “Today’s Food with Tender Head and Salt Craving “My mother used to always complain—especially while under the wonderful African-American hot comb—about having a tender head. During menopause she would even complain about being touched—as in “don’t touch me!” As my maturity progresses, my wacky, creepy-old-man theories lead me to guess that some of that discomfort came from acidic blood.”
2009/10/08: “Today’s Food in Bulk Buy this product at! “My bulk buying is a crude 21st-century version of what my mother used to do back in the early 1970s. It is quite easy to buy a crate of fructose-laced ketchup at the local club market but buying bulk healthy items is more of a challenge. Currently, I am comparing unit costs at with the local stores in my area. So clearly wins the corn-flake contest!”